In these days of mass production, model makers and master jewelers are rare. Using age-old techniques that are the hallmark of fine jewelry design, Andrea is one of the rarities. Renowned for her intricate use of precious metals, her creations exalt vivid gemstones in both elegant and edgy handcrafted settings, intricately detailed and breathtakingly beautiful. And just like any great work of art, the journey of creation varies from piece to piece. Inspired by a painter’s eye and a sculptor’s craft, she works with a range of specialized craftspeople and artisans that make up her internal network of stone setters and finishers. From hand hammered gold and silver closures to ingeniously set baroque and South Sea pearls, her collections are a continuation of age-old traditions, with every groove and twist, cast to endure. Most of all, every piece is easy to fawn over with its beautiful sculpturing and distinctive dedication to the principles of old world luxury.